Télécom Saint-Étienne is a major public engineering school. Affiliated to the Institut Mines-Télécom and part of the Jean Monnet University, the school is supported by 3 research laboratories and runs the Use’In start-up incubator.

Engineering courses

Télécom Saint-Étienne offers 4 engineering courses:

Citise integrated diploma preparation course

Post-bac recruitment: via Parcoursup and the Geipi Polytech competitive examination


Recruitment after 2 years of higher education:
– CPGE via the Mines Télécom competitive examination,
– DUT/BTS/Licence via our competitive examination site

Engineer by apprenticeship Image & Photonics, Smart-Industries

Recruitment Bac+2:
DUT/BTS via the IMT apprenticeship platform
CPGE via the Mines Télécom competitive examination

Apprenticeship Engineer Data Engineering

Recruitment Bac+2:
DUT, BTS via the IMT apprenticeship platform
CPGE via the Mines Télécom competition

Digital Communication

Télécom Saint-Etienne has broadened its range of skills and for several years has been offering courses in digital communication:


New in 2021. Post-bac recruitment via Parcoursup

Work-linked degree

Recruitment of Bac+2 via the e-candidat platform

Master of Communication Design and Digital Innovation

Recruitment of students with 3 years of higher education via the e-candidat platform

Student life

Discover our student associations

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