Innovation Research Project (IRP)

Innovation Research Projects enable you to benefit from the expertise of engineering students (bac+5) and the support of Télécom Saint-Etienne’s research faculty.

The aim is to explore, experiment and study the feasibility of your idea or project, or to respond to your problem through reflection, solutions and concrete tools.

Subjects can cover any of the school’s fields:

AI, big data, applications, web, machine learning…

sensors, automation, embedded systems, connected objects…

telecom architecture, telecommunications…

cybersecurity, routing, servers, coding, transmission…

optics, laser processes…

image analysis and processing, 3D imaging, biomedical imaging…

The principle:

A team of 4 to 6 final-year engineering students (Bac +5) takes charge of your idea/project/problem related to research or innovation.

First, you define the framework of the project (state of the art).
Once the context is clear, students work on the project in 2 stages called SPRINT :

SPRINT 1: Ideation. The project team, accompanied by the Télécom Saint-Etienne teaching staff, has 3 days to come up with new ideas, possible methods and solutions, and to build the production plan.

SPRINT 2: Production. The project team has 3 days to develop the chosen solution/method (resulting from the ideation phase and validated by the customer). For this, the team will have several resources at its disposal: access to the school’s technological platforms and cutting-edge equipment, and support from technical experts.

Each of these 2 stages ends with a pitch and a summary report for the customer.

To conclude, the teams present their work to the jury and the project leader (valorization).

Chronology October to January


Analysis of project issues and environment.
Construction of an ideation plan

Sprint 1

Propose solutions & methods.
Construction of a production plan

Sprint 2

Development of the chosen solution / method


Oral presentation to a jury

The participants

Companies of all sizes, researchers and associations.


  • 1300€ (net of taxes).
  • Free for companies in “Chaire Innovation” partnership.

Discover this year’s projects

LPO Auvergne Rhone-AlpesDélégation Territoriale Loire

Development of the “Scrute la Nature” application.
Theme: IT


Digitization of the mechanical data sheet by computer entry and printing of the test report for the customer.
Themes: IT, Network

EZUS Lyon – Cristal Innov

Feasibility and production of a prototype quartz microbalance for instant virus detection.
Themes: Electronics


Study on the positioning and selection of geolocation and relative speed sensors, using Kalman filter data fusion.
Themes: Network, Telecom, Electronics, Computing, Photonics

Safran Tech

Classification of surface states of single-crystal turbine blades using optical measurement.
Themes: Image, Photonics, Vision

Eiffage Energie Systèmes

Camera 4.0 guidance.
Theme: IT, Image

Loire Departmental Council

Feasibility study for the construction of a meshed network of local datacenters.
Theme: Network, Telecoms, Computing

Post Industrial Crafts

Creation of a mobile application for the assisted creation of bookcases and shelves, for large-format 3D printing.
Themes: IT

Romeo Sierra Recherche

Study of a GNSS anti-blading system.
Themes: IT, Telecoms

Submit your project

Thank you for your participation.

Application deadline: October 1, 2024.

More informations : / 06 24 54 26 85.

Further information: Expertise project

Benefit from the expertise of our teaching researchers to study, develop and test your innovative project.


750€ / day (net of tax)
Open to innovative financing schemes (Easytech, innovation tax credit)
Period customizable according to project needs

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