Engineering 2021 projects: submit your projects

Engineering projects EN

Companies, start-ups, local authorities: Do you have a project or an idea that you would like to test, deepen or develop? Does this project fall within Télécom Saint-Etienne’s areas of competence (Electronics, Image/Vision, Computing, Optics/Photonics, Networks/Telecom)?

Take advantage of the expertise and support of Télécom Saint-Etienne students to develop, implement or prototype your idea/project.

The principle of the Engineering Projects is to have a team of Télécom Saint-Etienne students in the second year of the engineering cycle (Bac +4) accompany you. Made up of 4 to 6 students, this team takes charge of your project and carries it out on the school’s premises. The educational objective for Télécom Saint-Etienne is to put these students in a job situation, similar to that which they might encounter in a service company working for you, for a cost of €1,000 excluding excluding taxes or €650 excluding taxes for contributors to the Taxe d’ Apprentissage and our partners (no VAT applicable).

The engineering projects will take place in 3 stages

  • a scoping exercise to clarify your expectations, the deliverables, and the organisation of the project
  • a 1st sprint of one week to launch the project and validate the efficiency of the company/team collaboration: from 17/05 to 21/05
  • a 2nd production sprint of 3 weeks: from 07/06 to 24/06.

During this period, the student team will work the equivalent of 700 hours, accompanied by a company tutor. The projects will be concluded by a project defense day on the 25 of June.

Please note: depending on the health situation, the Engineering Projects will be held face-to-face and/or remotely.

You are interested and wish to send us your project proposal?
Find all the information on the Engineering Projects here and complete the registration form before 10 March 2021

  1. Send your project proposal now via the form above
  2. Your application will be studied by the pedagogical team in charge of the Engineering Projects, and you will be contacted a few days later to inform you of the validation of your project
  3. If your project has been validated by the pedagogical team, you will be invited to present it to the students
  4. If your project has been selected by the students, you will be informed promptly and contacted by your student group to arrange a first meeting.

If you would like more information, please contact us on +33 (0) 4 77 91 58 88.