Signature of an Innovation Chair with Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria and Télécom Saint-Etienne announce the creation of an innovation chair dedicated to the “DevOps” theme

The Innovation Chairs are a mechanism enabling the school and a company to collaborate over several years on a common theme. This three-year Innovation Chair is the culmination of the historic partnership between Télécom Saint-Etienne, a generalist digital engineering school accredited by the Institut Carnot Télécom & Société Numérique for the quality of its partnership research, and SopraSteria, a French digital services company and a major player in digital transformation consulting for companies and organizations. This Chair will enable engineering students to acquire technological skills, innovation and state of the art on the theme of “DevOps”.

What is “DevOps”?

DevOps” is a hybrid term that brings together two professions and cross-cutting skills between software development and engineering (dev) and the administration of systems, architectures and software deployment infrastructure (ops). Often associated with the agile approach, DevOps aims to build software quality control while accelerating the production of developed software. The objective is to make the coupling between development and deployment more iterative, in order to better control software malfunctions and the adequacy of end-user needs

The Chair’s activities to raise students’ awareness of the strategic challenges of “DevOps” will include :
– Courses on the agile method: agile project management, source code versioning management, case studies
– Real-life situations on “DevOps” subjects through engineering projects (2nd year engineering students) and research and innovation projects (3rd year engineering students)
– A “DevOps” workshop for 2nd year students led by SopraSteria experts in order to illustrate from start to finish the good practices of this theme in companies

Why contractualise this partnership that has existed for several years between the two organisations?

For Christophe Gravier, Director of Innovation and Development at Télécom Saint-Etienne, “the signing of this Chair is a first for our school. DevOps represents highly sought-after skills and therefore key to accessing the job market for young engineers. It is very important to make students aware of this approach, to enable them to build a broad spectrum of skills for the IT engineering profession. This supports the school’s strategy of training students with dual- and triple-skilled profiles, which are highly valued by our corporate partners. It was inconceivable for us not to partner with a major player in the sector such as SopraSteria in order to provide students with both an academic and professional vision of the skills and professions related to DevOps.”

For Fabrice LOSSON, Director of Relations with Higher Education at Sopra Steria, “the signing of this Chair with Télécom Saint-Etienne is fundamental to our partnership policy with the world of higher education. It is mutually beneficial for us to share our visions of the subjects of the future and to work on them together. This helps our academic partners to orient their choices and strategies in directions that are beneficial to the employment prospects of their students, and it enables us to respond to the evolution of our professions and our future needs.”

“Moreover, as DevOps and now DevSecOps are widespread practices within our projects, the fact that we can bring our vision to the students and guide them in understanding the tools and standards used is very enriching for them and for us” adds Matthieu VINCENT, Technical Director of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.