2nd virtual edition for the Business Forum

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The Business 2021 Forum took place on Tuesday 12 October. For the2nd consecutive year, the forum offered participants a 100% virtual edition. Organized by Télécom Saint-Etienne, this day enabled more than 80 students to meet virtually with the 25 partner companies of the event(Advans Group, Alteca, Andrice, Axione, C-Isop, Capgemini, Coexya, Easydis, Esker, Intech, IT Link, Mediane Systeme, Micropole, Orange, Santerne Centre Est Telecommunications, Savoye, Smile Open Source, Solutec, Sopra Steria, SPC Consutants, Spie, SQLI, Sully, Ubisoft and Viveris). The 66 professionals present represented various sectors of activity such as

  • digital transformation consulting
  • development of electronic systems and software
  • construction,
  • civil engineering,
  • fibre optics,
  • web software development
  • telecom networks
  • etc..

5th and 5th year students from Télécom Saint-Étienne were able to take part in online interviews, with the aim of finding an internship or a job, or even to build a network.

We would like to thank the companies that took part in this event and hope that everyone (companies and students) was able to match their project with the professional prospects offered by a company present.