Apprenticeship tax

Support the development of Télécom Saint-Etienne by donating your apprenticeship tax.

Télécom Saint-Etienne is more than ever a beneficiary of this contribution and needs your support.
In the same way, your company can continue to count on the school to support its innovations and train its future employees.

The digital sector needs the skills of our school:
engineers specialising in digital technologies (photonics, electronics, networks and telecoms, digital imaging, IT), managers in digital mediation and design, developers, etc

By choosing to pay your apprenticeship tax to
Télécom Saint-Etienne, you :

Participate in the realisation of the 2022 projects for the school and its students:

  • Integration of a “Sustainable Development” and “Corporate Social Responsibility” theme in all of the school’s educational programmes.
  • New teaching platform for network, telecom and computer courses.
  • Implementation of a connected system for the provision of contactless electronic equipment (Covid).

Support the development of a school focused on innovation and in line with the expectations of companies.

Contribute to the development of your future employees’ skills by promoting quality teaching.

Become a privileged partner of a school resolutely oriented towards the business world (internships, work-study programmes, projects, conferences, forums, continuing education, research and business events every month), and gain visibility among students.

Take advantage of the partner rate to contract an engineering project and benefit from the expertise of Télécom Saint-Étienne’s students and teacher-researchers to develop your innovation (€650 instead of €1000).

So invest in your digital transition
and make your contribution primarily to Télécom Saint-Etienne!

UAI code: 042 20 26 Z – until 31 May 2022, payment deadline (payment without intermediaries)

To make it easier for you, find here the Télécom Saint-Etienne apprenticeship tax brochure and the payment form, to be returned to us with your payment.

Thank you for your support!

3 reasons to support us

Gain visibility with our students for your internship, project, work-study and job offers

Participate in our corporate events and meet our students throughout the year

Benefit from our support for your research, development and innovation activities

Estimate the amount of your tax

Payroll in € of your company :

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Innovation Chairs

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