3 students in the Info-Com Master’s programme win the “I film the job I like” competition

Couverture Webdesigner

Pauline, Dzhamila and Justine, students in the Master 2 Communication Design, Innovation and Digital Mediation (DCIMN) programme at Télécom Saint-Etienne, took part in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes competition “Je filme le métier qui me plaît”. They won two prizes: the national “Clap de bronze” prize and the regional “Prix des étudiants” prize!

The three students made a short film to present the job of web designer and its many facets. The objective was to introduce young people to the professional world, as well as the codes, know-how and skills specific to the profession presented

Discover their video below.

Feedback from the 3 winners : Pauline, Dzhamila and Justine.

Why did you choose to become a webdesigner?

Pauline : “Because it’s a job that interests me a lot and that I want to go into later in my career. Making this video was therefore an opportunity to learn more about this profession and to meet a webdesigner to discuss the ins and outs of the job

Dzhamila: “I wanted to know more about this profession which is one of the possible outlets after completing the DCIMN Master’s degree.”

Justine : “Because it’s a job for which I could potentially apply at the end of my Master DCIMN. Making this video was an opportunity to learn more about this profession.”

How did you make this video?

Justine: “First we made an interview with Yan Dubost, webdisgner. Then, from the audio file of the interview, we defined 3 parts that we divided in order to create the illustrations with Illustrator, then to animate them with After Effects. We made this video remotely, by organising video conferences in order to review the situation on a regular basis.”

What skills do you need to be a webdesigner?

Pauline : “Web designers can wear many different hats. They use various skills: graphic design, web design, UX and UI. At Télécom Saint-Etienne, we learnt skills related to graphic design by mastering the creative software of the Adobe suite or by creating prototypes and models. We learned web development notions in HTML and CSS which I think are important to know in order to collaborate with web developers. We also learnt about project management and user-centredness, which is useful in order to organise ourselves properly and to build the project according to the user concerned

Dzhamila: “The webdesigner must be versatile, especially through the use of several software programs. During our DCIMN Master’s course, we learned to master the Adobe suite, which is necessary in the graphic design process. In addition, we were able to learn how to develop websites via WordPress and also by coding them ourselves in HTML5 and CSS3. We were able to put into practice all the skills we had learned in professional projects.”

Justine: “As we can see in the video, it’s a job that requires several skills, especially in graphic design, and other more technical skills. The webdesigner has to master different graphic software (Adobe Suite), and also integration tools, web language, etc. These are skills that we were able to learn during our professional projects. These are skills that we were able to acquire during our training at Télécom Saint-Etienne. In fact, as part of the DCIMN Master’s programme, we developed our graphic design skills by getting to grips with the Adobe suite of software, producing prototypes, etc. We also had the opportunity to learn about the different types of software used by the company. We also had the opportunity to see the basics of web languages (HTML, CSS). The realization of our professional project at the end of our studies allowed us to understand all these notions, from project management to graphic and technical creation

After completing your Master’s degree in DCIMN, what professional career are you interested in?

Pauline: “I’m going to do a 1-year course to specialise in web design, with the aim of joining a company as a web designer, ideally a communication agency or a web agency.”

Dzhamila: “After my end-of-studies internship, my employer offered me a job as a communication officer.”

Justine: “I’m heading for a career as a communications officer, I like the cross-disciplinary aspect of the job, which involves working in many areas and requires various skills (print, digital, advertising, website management, etc.).”

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