Travel diary – Erasmus + in Granada

CDV Grenade

Valentine, a final-year engineering student at Télécom Saint-Étienne, tells us about her experience at the University of Granada, in Spain, as part of an Erasmus+ exchange, via the ARQUS programme.

Valentine: “I decided to go on a mobility programme abroad in order to discover a new country and a new culture while continuing my studies. It also allows me to improve my knowledge of foreign languages

Spain is a country I already knew but only from a tourist point of view. Therefore, this mobility allows me to discover this country on a professional level. On the other hand, I had never had the opportunity to visit Granada. It’s a city rich in tourism and full of diverse and varied landscapes. Luckily, Spain is a country with fewer restrictions from a health point of view. Therefore, the only restriction is the wearing of a mask in closed spaces. The health pass is not an obligation to visit or enjoy the activities that this city offers.

When I arrived, the climate was slightly different from that in France. Indeed, in Granada, the average temperature is 24°C. Moreover, the language barrier is a bit difficult to tame despite my knowledge. Spaniards are used to speaking quickly and chewing on most words. However, once you get used to it, it is quite easy to talk to them. What is a bit disturbing is the Spanish rhythm of life. They usually work in the morning, in the early afternoon the shops are mostly closed and reopen around 6pm until 9-10pm. In addition, at lunchtime they do not eat until 2pm or 3pm and in the evening it is usually after 9pm

Granada is a tourist city, it is easy to get around, most of my trips are on foot and from time to time when I need to go outside the city, the bus network is very developed and convenient. Overall, Granada is an Erasmus city, suitable for students who want to study and enjoy the student life at the same time

If you have the opportunity to do a mobility abroad, DO IT! It is a unique experience that will bring you memories both from a personal and professional point of view

If you want to go on a mobility abroad, choose an unknown destination so that you can discover a new country because you will not have the opportunity to travel to certain countries every day. Depending on the destination, it is imperative to have studied the financing plans and tuition fees beforehand. Despite the various existing grants, some mobilities are not financially accessible to everyone.”