New Bachelor course “Global Communication & Digital Design”

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Télécom Saint-Etienne will be opening a Global Communication & Digital Design” Bachelor’s degree in September 2021. Télécom Saint-Etienne is one of the very few schools to have obtained this label from the CTI to open a Bachelor’s degree in engineering.

The Bachelor’s degree is intended for anyone with a general, technological or professional Baccalauréat. This 3-year course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of communicationITweb design and data processing.

As the training is professional, students will have an internship in the first and second year. The last year will be a work-study period within a company, and will also include the completion of a research dissertation in Information and Communication Sciences, which will finalise the training.

This course trains students to have a double professional culture, on the one hand the skills of a communicator, capable of strategy and creativity. And on the other hand the skills of a computer developer, capable of designing and technically managing the implementation of a digital communication project online. To these two fundamental pillars are added skills in data processing and analysis leading to information and interface design.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of course activities covered by the degree:

  • Create and produce multimedia content
  • Develop and manage a digital communication strategy
  • Manage digital social networks and/or communities
  • Managing a web project
  • Referencing content and ensuring its visibility
  • Design graphic interfaces (UI) taking into account and optimising the user experience (UX)
  • Formatting and visualizing data

Further studies and careers

This training allows you to aim for one of the following professions

  • Assistant digital project manager
  • Communication officer
  • Community manager
  • Multimedia content creator
  • Assistant data analyst or data manager
  • Junior web programmer/integrator

It is possible for students to continue their studies within the school via our Master’s degree in Communication Design, Innovation and Digital Mediation. But also within Masters in Communication from other establishments in initial training or alternating courses.

Innovative teaching methods for project-based learning

The Bachelor’s degree benefits from the innovative “learning to learn” pedagogical system. This engages the student in an autonomous and proactive learning process. It combines professional workshops, group projects and creative sprints.

Are you a student and would you like to apply for this course?

You can register for the Bachelor’s programme via Parcoursup.

After examining the application, the selected candidates will be invited to an oral interview. The cost of the course is €4500 per year for the first two years, the third year being paid for by the company in the context of the sandwich course. (A request for exemption from this cost for scholarship holders is currently being studied.)

28 places will be available for this course from the start of the next academic year.

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