Last workshop for the students of the SupMediaWeb promotion

Workshop “Design me a bifurcation object”

End of the year for the SupMediaWeb class! In order to finish the school year in style, the students (Bac+1) training in communication, graphic design and web design, participated in a creative workshop, mixing computer graphics, communication and laser cutting. Thus, for four days, the students had to imagine, design and produce a “design object” while respecting the imposed theme of “Bifurcation”, which is the origin of the 12th edition of the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial 2022. In addition, the objects produced by the students should be exhibited and sold in the Cité du Design shop, to illustrate this 12th edition.

Let’s discover together the 4 projects proposed by the students of the SupMediaWeb class as well as their testimonies.

Focus on the projects

Rolling Culture

To discover the Biennial while having fun, Léa and Théo designed a fun game comprising a board and two wooden dice. The rules are simple: after throwing the dice, all you have to do is follow the symbols that appear: the 1st dice sends you to the exhibitions and the 2nd invites you to carry out challenges on the Biennial’s premises, such as taking photos or talking to the people around you about the exhibition.

Léa : “ During these 4 days, we live the workshop 100%! It’s interesting to work in such a concrete way. »

The Hot Air Balloon

Emma, Quentin and Marien are behind an original and innovative creation: a decorative light made of recyclable plywood in the shape of a hot-air balloon. This unique and warm object is an invitation to travel and is also synonymous of freedom.

Quentin: ” This workshop combines communication and design, two courses that we have been able to follow since the beginning of the year. Concerning the design of our balloon, it was not easy, we had to play with the size of the different elements to solidify its base. We also had to tinker with the light bulb to simulate the balloon’s fire. »

Bifurcation stéphanoise: Saint-Étienne differently

The word “bifurcation” evoked for Laura and Alexis the change of direction. They therefore decided to design a compass with a multi-directional map leading to the mythical places of Saint-Étienne. The base is composed of a very design compass rose, which can be used as a decorative object. In addition, a QR code is engraved on the back of the compass. Once scanned, it leads to an interactive website that allows you to learn more about the history of these places.

Laura: “ This workshop is the concretization of everything we learnt during our training: reflection and strategy, mastery of software, communication,… In addition, thanks to the intervention of Loyc Desfarges, owner of LDWorkshop, a laser cutting workshop in Saint-Etienne, we realised that not everything was feasible. »

Stellar bifurcation

“When two stars are too close together and one of them explodes into a supernova, it can condemn the other star to wander around the universe without a trajectory”. This quote from the French rapper Nekfeu inspired Laurine and Esteban to create their project. They were thus able to design a decoration with stellar motifs in two-layer gravoply material, rich in contrasts. Indeed, the engraving of the surface will reveal the colour of the lower layer.

Laurine : ” At the beginning, we had a lot of crazy ideas, and Loïc Etiembre, head of the SupMediaWeb course, put us back on the right track. It was interesting to use the software we use in class for a more concrete project. »

A new course to replace the SupMediaWeb D.U

The SupMediaWeb course is coming to an end and the students end their academic year in the professional world with an internship of at least 2 months.

To replace this course, Télécom Saint-Etienne is now offering post-baccalaureate students wishing to train in communication, IT and web development, a 3-year course with the Global Communication & Digital Design Bachelor’s degree

*Photo credits: Laura, SupMediaWeb student

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