A look back at the Open Data Virtual Hackathon


Télécom Saint-Etienne students from the Data Engineering and Information-Communication degree classes worked in virtual hackathon mode on 10 and 11 December. This hackathon was run in partnership with the Loire departmental council.

The objective of this virtual hackathon?

To work in mixed teams with representatives of the Engineering and Digital Communication classes for 48 hours on a topical theme proposed by the Loire Department: the digital fragility index. Indeed, digital inclusion is a real challenge for our territory, it aims to make digital accessible to all (telephony, internet) and to transmit the skills that will allow these tools to become a real lever for social and economic integration.

At the end of the 2 days, the 8 teams presented their project to a jury. They were thus able to share their recommendations on the actions to be implemented in order to accompany the people of the Loire towards digital inclusion, so that everyone can be trained in digital tools.

Aurélien, a student in his 3rd year of a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication, gives us his impressions

Aurélien’s team first carried out an online brainstorming session with notes and they all shared their ideas together. Then, the team members divided up the production of the project: “Working with a mixture of two disciplines is a great experience, we are not used to working like this! With my team we were able to teach each other things like technical words and also share our way of working. »

Like many other groups, Aurélien would have liked to have had more time, this hackathon was intensive: “What frustrated us was the lack of time, we would have liked to push the project to its maximum, even if we are already satisfied with our project! »

The solutions proposed by the different teams will be studied by the operational departments of the Loire Department to see how the students’ work can be developed further and could lead to internal projects for the departmental council later on.