Télécom Saint-Etienne’s LearningLab awarded label!

LearningLab couverture blog

The LearningLab Iram led by Télécom Saint-Etienne (Jean Monnet University), is a university platform for innovation, experimentation and training focused on digital practices and uses.

The Newsplex, a modular room forming part of the LearningLab and designed to adapt to teaching needs, has recently obtained its first 2 badges awarded by the Label LearningLab Network.

These two badges attest to the quality of the pedagogical practices and equipment of this learning space:

  • Badge 1: Has a variety of equipment to support activities: This badge recognises the variety of equipment and solutions available to support teaching and develop the potential of the space
  • Badge 2: Transforms according to use : This badge values the capacity of the space to transform according to use, in order to allow educational experimentation and, more generally, to meet the needs of the various users.
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