Focus on a student’s participation in “The Global Game Jam”

Couverture The Global Game Jam

Quentin Veillas, a student in his 2nd year of engineering, took part in “The Global Game Jam” last January. The objective of this worldwide event is to design a video game, as a team, in just 48 hours! This year, nearly 28,000 jammers from 104 countries were able to design nearly 6,000 video games on the following theme: “Lost and Found”

Quentin’s team, composed of 6 people (web developer, designer, sound designer), was able to develop, in just 2 days, a mobile application:“Shidôkan: The Labyrinth”! Through this video game, you will embody an apprentice samurai and you will have to guide him through a labyrinth! Beware, your path will be strewn with pitfalls and enemies that you will have to face! Will you be able to find the way out?

Download the mobile application here

Application mobile Image 1
Application mobile Image 2

Quentin says: “It’s a particularly rewarding experience, and it’s all the more satisfying to have a game that works from scratch“. In addition to fulfilling his role as game designer / scenario creator, he also helped with team cohesion based on the agile method: “it was a matter of briefing each team member on their tasks and pointing them in the right direction, as well as adapting to each other’s vocabulary”.

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