For the start of the 2019 academic year, we offered newcomers an integration Escape Game to enable them to discover the School and its neighbourhood: they familiarised themselves with the places, players, disciplines and courses of study at the School.

This Escape Game was co-designed by the school’s actors: students, teachers and staff imagined together the course, the enigmas and the scenario for the first edition in 2019.

In total, more than 200 players were involved in the design, production and implementation of the game, in order to offer the 144 players 2 hours of play through the school and its neighbourhood.

This co-design process should continue over time, so that new students have the opportunity to take ownership of the game and participate in the creation or implementation of puzzles. The aim is to enhance their disciplinary skills, develop their cross-disciplinary skills, and encourage their integration into the School via an inter-field project.

In 2020, the Communication Design students worked in parallel on the creation of an Escape Game dedicated to the Open Days.

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MOOCs: IRAM sets up and monitors two MOOCs, in partnership with the Institut Mines-Télécom:
– Understanding the collaborative economy
– Understanding the heart of the Internet: operator networks

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