Engineer by apprenticeship, user guide


– 3 years’ professional experience
– Skills development over the years
– Remuneration during training
– Apprenticeship contract throughout France
– International experience required

From technician to engineer.
Development of skills over the years.

Apprenticeship is based on a double objective shared by the different actors (school, company, apprentice): obtaining the title of engineer enriched with a sense of concrete and professional practice. This shared strategy between the school and the company, punctuated by follow-up and orientation days, allows the apprentice to confront his theoretical knowledge with the real constraints of the company.

The difficulty of the work-study programme lies in particular in the rhythm to be taken to switch from an academic world, with its educational logic (acquisition of knowledge), to the world of the company with its production logic, which is more focused on efficiency.

In particular, this alternation makes it possible to build learners with a strong capacity for adaptation and autonomy, gaining maturity and confidence along the way. The apprentice is at the heart of the system, with his or her academic and experiential knowledge: he or she questions the knowledge and know-how used in order to adjust them, which is why it is essential from the outset to set up a real alternating system with regular periods, so that each person can absorb both systems.

Alternation rhythm adapted to all

– 15 days at school to learn / 15 days in the company to put into practice the first 18 months
– 1 month / 1 month the remaining 18 months.


Acquisition of the essential basics and bringing all learners up to standard, whatever their previous course of study (real diversity desired at TSE with students from DUT, BTS and CPGE),


Essential for mastering the complexity of technical projects, hence the 15 days / 15 day rhythm. On the other hand, the mid-term must mark a turning point for the learners from the role of technician to that of engineer, hence a change of pace allowing longer periods both at school and in the company to switch to a project management mode conducive to their development.


On the other hand, it is essential to maintain a regular rhythm between the school and the company, so as not to lose one’s footing in either one, hence our desire to maintain periods of 1 month / 1 month to facilitate the acquisition of skills.


Apprenticeship contracts throughout France

3 offers on average for 1 candidate admitted to the competition.

Putting into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom in a company

3 years professional experience
A plus on the resume for job hunting


Consult the official table

Support for the apprentice throughout the training period

School tutor and apprenticeship master on the company side to monitor the apprentice’s professional project and adapt it to his/her skills.

International :

International experience is required during the course, either as a company assignment or as a secondment agreement.
Countries that have recently hosted our apprentices: England, Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Ireland, Morocco, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, United States.

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