A look back at the European Researchers’ Night

Night research EN

For the 16th consecutive year, the European Night of Researchers was held simultaneously in nearly 400 European cities on Friday 27 November.

The second edition in Saint-Etienne brought together researchers from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region around a friendly virtual event, with the aim of making the general public aware of the research environment and encouraging young people to take up research.

In this particular year, the cultural centre “La rotonde”, which initiated the event and in partnership with the Jean Monnet University and Saint-Étienne Métropole, was able to propose an innovative device: a digital village. This village brings together various places such as a campsite, a bistro, a square, a flea market and a cinema. They are all full of scientists’ secrets in digital form: videos, podcasts, photo exhibitions, games and challenges set the pace for this unique evening!

You can also listen to the podcast recorded by Guillaume Müller, a teacher in Web development and Data Science at Télécom Saint-Etienne and also a researcher for the Hubert Curien laboratory within the Data Intelligence division, in which he presents an anecdote that led him to embark on a research career. For Guillaume, ” one of the roles of the researcher is to establish a dialogue with society in order to give it the keys to understanding the scientific research environment. Indeed, there are more and more current scientific issues to be addressed in order to inform the public in a simple and transparent way“.

We also invite you to visit the digital village here to discover all the secrets of the researchers!

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