Supporting laboratories

Télécom Saint-Etienne is supported by 3
research laboratories

Hubert Curien Laboratory

The Laboratory has about 240 members working in scientific fields related to optics, photonics and microwaves, computer science, telecom and image.

The Laboratoire Hubert Curien is a member of the LABEX (laboratory of excellence) MANUTECH-SISE and the LABEX PRIME .

Nearly 40% of the school’s teaching researchers carry out their research in this laboratory.

The research activity of the Hubert Curien Laboratory is organised into 2 main scientific departments:

Optics, photonics and microwave
– Computer science, telecom and image

Camille Jordan Institute

The Camille Jordan Institute is a Joint Research Unit (JRU) of the CNRS which is located on several sites: Lyon 1, Jean Monnet University, Ecole Centrale Lyon, INSA Lyon, which currently represents 291 people.

The research carried out at the Camille Jordan Institute covers a wide spectrum of mathematics

Algebra, Geometry, Logic
Combinatorics, Number Theory-
– Partial Differential Equations, Analysis
– History of Mathematics
Mathematical Modelling, Scientific Computation-
– Probability, Statistics, Mathematical Physics


ELICO, Lyon Research Team in Information and Communication Sciences is a host team (EA 4147) which brings together researchers mainly from 6 higher education institutions in the Lyon-Saint-Étienne area:

Lyon 1
Lyon 2
Lyon 3
Sciences Po Lyon
– Saint-Étienne

The team has approximately 75 members, including 44 teachers-researchers, 20 doctoral students and associate researchers.

The team’s activity is both fundamental and applied research aimed at giving full social utility to the research and its results.

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