Research field: information and communication

Fabien Labarthe, MCF in information and communication sciences, head of the Communication Design master’s degree at Télécom Saint-Etienne and member of the ELICO laboratory at the Lyon-Saint-Etienne site, contributed to the development of an ANR project that was accepted at the end of July 2019

This project, entitled “BI4People”, aims to provide a collaborative Business Intelligence (BI) platform that is accessible to a large non-specialist public: small companies, associations, journalists or citizens. In addition to the objective of making a BI tool accessible to the general public, the originality of the project lies in the specific research questions it raises, both in the field of computer science (integration of heterogeneous data, multidimensional modelling) and in the field of uses (visualisation and appropriation of data by non-specialist users and protection of privacy).

The consortium brings together recognised partners in the above-mentioned fields: the ERIC laboratory for its skills in OLAP analysis, BI customisation and cryptography; IRIT for its skills in data warehouse models, data integration and ETL processes; and ELICO for its skills in usage studies.

In addition to this consortium, the company TRIMANE, which has an R&D department in Big Data, and two citizens’ associations that are active in the field of “personal data”: TUBA in Lyon and the FING (Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération).

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Research area: mathematics

Research led by Olivier Robert, Number Theory is a branch of mathematical research concerned with questions of arithmetic, such as the study of particular families of integers.

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