Research area: Lighting management for mobility support for elderly people with low vision

Eric Dinet, MCF Hubert Curien laboratory, Image Science & Computer Vision research team
Partnership with Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand) and Shimane University (Matsue, Japan)

The onset of visual impairment can significantly affect mobility and the ability to perform simple activities of daily living. Quality of life can be significantly impaired to the point of complete loss of independence, which is a predominant concern in the elderly.

Mainly due to constraints linked to their use, the few existing low vision visual aids unfortunately do not meet the expectations of these people, particularly in the context of independent mobility.

At the Hubert Curien Laboratory, the research work carried out by Éric Dinet aims to study the influence of lighting conditions on the visual perception of people suffering from one of the three most widespread visual deficiencies in the world:
– central scotoma
– blurred vision
– tunnel vision

To this end, volunteers equipped with glasses simulating low vision are asked to carry out everyday tasks in different light environments. These tasks consist, for example, of:
– moving between objects without touching them,
– or making two cups of tea.

The aim of the experiments is to determine which characteristics of light and their combinations have the greatest potential to highlight the relevant visual elements for a population with low vision.

Ultimately, the aim would be to produce “intelligent” lighting systems that can be adapted to the specific visual needs of elderly people with disabling sight problems in order to facilitate their domestic activities and preserve their independence.

A group of students from Télécom Saint-Étienne carried out their Research and Innovation Project in collaboration with the teacher-researchers in charge of this project.

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