The Students’ Office (BDE)

That’s it! You’re going to go to engineering school! But what about the parties, the integration, the student life? The BDE will take care of that!

As soon as you arrive, you will be welcomed by your BDE, which will do everything it can to help you meet the other students at Télécom with parties, integration and weekends. We’re also here to give you advice if you need it: accommodation, outings, good tips, …

Don’t hesitate! There are plenty of parties in prospect: whether they are between Télécommiens such as the back-to-school parties, handover parties, sponsorship parties, or events with other schools such as the Olympiads, the Cartel des Mines or SASE (Sainté Accueille Ses Etudiants). The BDE have also a physical office!

You can come and rest, chat, eat or do nothing. You are welcome! We look forward to seeing you!

Where do you start your new life at Télécom Saint-Etienne? With integration! Lots of activities organized just for you and your class to bring you closer and create your first memories at Télécom. To round off the week of integration in style, we’ve reserved a whole weekend for you: the flagship event of the year. 3 days, to have fun, meet new people, take part in lots of activities and 2 great parties. The event not to be missed!

We celebrate the arrival of the newcomers but also the departure of the old ones. The Disintegration Weekend is an opportunity to share a last weekend with the old-timers and all those who want to participate. Don’t miss the traditional canoe trip down the Ardèche!

But there is much more going on between these two key moments. During the year, the BDE offers parties, afterworks and even meals for all the students! The most beautiful of them all is of course Christmas. And even when it is not yet elected, the BDE can give you a good time during the campaign weeks when the best of you will compete against each other in a fierce but good-natured battle.

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