All students can easily find accommodation in Saint-Etienne, whether they are looking for peace and quiet, shared accommodation, proximity to the school or the dynamism of the city centre. The prices charged are particularly attractive, making Saint-Etienne an easy city to live in for its 180,000 inhabitants.

Visale, help with your lease

Although finding your accommodation will not be the most difficult part of your move to Saint-Etienne, you may still find it difficult to find a guarantor. This is where Visale comes in. This is nothing more and nothing less than a rental deposit that covers your back in the event that you fail to pay your rent.

Since you will be taking a short-term flat and will probably choose one that is already furnished, you will certainly sign a mobility lease. To find out more about the characteristics of this lease you can read the article on this subject. As the name implies, this is a specific lease contract for students who are particularly mobile during their studies.

In Saint-Etienne, the Centre Local des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CLOUS) manages several residences and university restaurants:

Residences Chavanelle, Tréfilerie, Des Ars, Métare

Private residences

The Vernay residence
Le Littré residence
The Studélites
Les Estudines
Cité étudiante
Student residences
Loc Service

You can also consult the bon coin for your search for rental or shared flat.

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