Innovation Research Project (IRP)

The Research and Innovation Projects enable you to benefit from the expertise of engineering students (5 years of higher education) and the support of Télécom Saint-Etienne’s research professors.

The aim is to explore, experiment and study the feasibility of your idea or project or to respond to your problem through reflection and the provision of concrete solutions and tools.

The subjects given can cover all of the school’s fields:

Computer science
AI, big data, applications, web, machine learning..

sensors, automation, embedded systems, connected objects..

telecom architecture, telecommunication..

cybersecurity, routing, servers, coding, transmission..

optics, laser processes..

image analysis and processing, 3D imaging, biomedical imaging..

The principle :

A team of 4 to 6 students in the final year of the engineering course (Bac +5) takes charge of your idea/project/problem related to research or innovation.

First, you define the framework of the project (state of the art).
Once the context is clear, the students work on the project in 2 steps called SPRINT :

SPRINT 1 : Ideation. The project team, accompanied by the Télécom Saint-Etienne teaching staff, has 3 days to come up with new ideas, possible methods, possible solutions and to build the production plan.

SPRINT 2: Production. The project team has 3 days to develop the chosen solution/method (resulting from the ideation phase and validated by the client). For this, the team will have several resources at its disposal: access to the school’s technological platforms and state-of-the-art equipment, support from technical experts.

Each of these two stages ends with a pitch and the writing of a summary for the client.

In order to conclude and enhance the value of their work, the teams present it to the jury and the project leader (valorisation).

Chronology October to January


Analysis of the problem and the project environment.
Construction of the ideation plan

IDEA Sprint 1

Propose solutions & methods.
Construction of a production plan

Sprint 2

Development of the chosen track / method


Oral presentation to a jury


Companies of all sizes, researchers and associations.


– 1000€ for companies (net of tax)
– 650€ for partner companies (net of tax)
– Free for companies in partnership with the Innovation Chair

Submit your project

You have a project, an idea, a problem, take advantage of a team of 4 to 6 engineering students (Bac +5) and their skills to study the feasibility, identify solutions and tools to achieve your goal

In order to enable us to best respond to your needs and to constitute the most appropriate multidisciplinary team for your project, please fill in this form carefully.

Deadline for submission = 1st October 2020

Thank you for your participation


To go further: Expertise project

Benefit from the expertise of our research professors to study, develop and experiment your innovative project.


750€ / day (net of tax)
Open to innovative financing schemes (Easytech, innovation tax credit)
Period customisable according to the project’s needs

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